1. Topic: Good practices of the Library
  2. Goals/Objectives:
    • To collect, store, organize, retrieve and make available the information sources to the information users.
    • To organize and collate print and digital information and disseminate at the point of care for future use.
    • To provide access to books, magazines, newspapers, journals and other resources that promotes literacy, lifelong learning and personal growth.
  3. Aims:
    • To provide college community with a wide range of scholarly materials that are consistent with the institution’s mission and vision, curriculum, research needs and academic freedom system of belief.
    • To provide facilities for students and teachers to read or consult them for reference.
  4. Context:
    Library and information Science is an interdisciplinary field of study that centers on the documentation that records our stories, movies, histories and knowledge. The ABM library of the Gossaigaon College was established with a view to serve as the centre of printed materials, records, photographs, audio-visuals and ephemerals in both analog and digital form. Established in the year 1973 ti design and develop knowledge organization to encourage young students of the area to develop a lifelong love for reading, help scholars locate archrivals and other resources crucial for their creative works.
  5. Practices:
    The ABM library of the Gossaigaon College as a Centre of learning resources ensures following best practices to provide its best possible services to college community and society.
    • Fully automated library service (ILMS) with standard software KOHA version 2.0
    • Inclusion of significant information about the library in the college prospectus.
    • Compiling student and teachers’ statistics.
    • Displaying news paper clippings.
    • Career and employment information services
    • Web surfing facilities to different groups of users.
    • Conduction of periodic library awareness programmes.
    • Organizing book fairs with participation from the off campus sources.
    • Open suggestion box
    • Displaying new arrivals.
    • Separate reading rooms for students and faculty.
    Besides, a host of services like constantly updating websites, keeping library premises clean, displaying various information on the wall, compiling check list, scanning facility etc. are being provided.
  6. Opportunities:
    • There is ample scope for up gradation of existing facilities.
    • Good stack of books.
    • Library service duration may be enhanced to 24×7.
  7. Challenges:
    • Reading room capacity and facilities like air-conditioning, toilets need attention.
    • Library staff position far below requirement.
    • Web surfing capacity and facility require improvement.
    • Print periodicals need addition.


  1. Topic: Gossaigaon College Co-Op Credit, Savings Society Ltd.
  2. Goals/Objectives:
    • To help its members financially with least documentation.
    • Help acquire some of one’s material aspirations.
    • Support financially at the time of emergency.
    • Reap equal distribution of surplus fund.
  3. Aims:
    • Help each other by providing services without expecting return from it.
    • To provide facilities for students and teachers to read or consult them for reference.
    • Promote democratic values with least liabilities and strengthen the bond of unity.
    • To promote economic interest and encourage savings.
  4. Context:
    The faculties of the Gossaigaon College are association of people tied together under the same platform to be known as the Gossaigaon College Employees. This spirit of unity gave birth to the Gossaigaon College Co-op Credit Savings Society Ltd., in the year 1973. With the sole motives of living together and helping each other in the march towards gaining financial freedom the society rescued all of us today. From 1973 to 2023 is a long uneven journey for the society to reach the present state of more than one crore net asset. Now the society has the strength to provide its member financial assistant for both short term and long term needs up to an amount of rupees fifteen lakhs at nominal rate of interest.
  5. Practices:
    The Gossaigaon College Co-op Credit Savings Society Ltd. is registered under the Registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860. As per this Act our society is governed by 15-membered Executive Body. All transactional matters are maintained by the elected Secretary for tenure of five years from among the general members. The Secretary has to give annual report of the Society at the end of every financial year after getting dully audited by both internal and Govt. auditor. Presently our society has 59 active contributing members. Any active members can apply for loan and instantly are credited to his bank account on getting approval from the Chairman and the Secretary. Recovery of the loan is made through self deposit to the current account of the society as fixed on bond signed agreement.
  6. Opportunities:
    • A good number of contributing members gives strength to grow at fast pace.
    • Capacity to provide financial support to its members at nominal rate of interest with least documentations and as per one’s requirement.
    • Financial gain at the time of superannuation.
  7. Challenges:
    • Minimal risk factor as all the contributing members are sanctioned salaried Govt. employees
    • The procedure of bond singed agreement at the time of loan disbursement gives added level of security from financial lost.